SPARTA provides interventions to young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). By using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other therapies, we have seen tremendous improvements in the livelihoods of our students, and their families.

SPARTA’s passion is driven by a combination of love for positive behavior change through scientific research. It’s been the core of who we are and what has guided us in our therapy sessions with our students.

Our goal is to be able to reshape the lives of our ASD community through awareness, education, and training by providing the highest and up-to-date quality of treatment available in the industry at no cost to the family of the child. There are many areas around the world that do not have access to these services, and many children are left out. Our goal is to provide these services for children and families from these underserved locations. Through your generous donations, and with grants from organizations such as Arch-bishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Fund, SPARTA can continue its mission.


We apply ABA therapy, as well as  other treatments to our students diagnosed with autism who live in underserved areas currently in the USA and Greece.


We provide home-based parent training through empirically-supported behavior interventions in ABA. We also strive to provide resources to families in need for free.


We conduct and publish research on the effectiveness of ABA treatments and parent training with the American and Greek populations.