Clinical Services

SPARTA specializes in the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and offers home – and center – based ABA services.

We serve the age groups from 5 – 21 with ASD and/or other developmental disabilities who may be exhibiting severe delays in their cognitive functioning, speech/language and communication skills, social-emotional functioning, motor abilities and self-help skills/adaptive functioning. SPARTA utilizes instructional methods in ABA such as discrete-trial teaching, generalized imitation training, echoic/vocal mand training, discrimination training/multiple exemplar training, incidental teaching, and natural environment teaching.

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Direct Therapy

SPARTA implements home- and center-based intensive behavioral interventions in ABA such as discrete trial teaching, mand training, incidental teaching/Early Start Denver Model, natural environment teaching and digital motivational systems (e.g., visual choice board, token economy, photographic/written activity schedule).

Parent Training

SPARTA provides education and training to parents as well as other members of the child’s household who are an integral part of the child’s daily life.
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An assessment of your child’s skill level and/or behavioral needs is necessary to guide the development of an individualized treatment plan. All assessments are conducted by a NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst/Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and include the use of various assessment tools.
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Sparta Center Model

The SPARTA Center, in New York, USA, offers a unique comprehensive approach to the conventional center-based approach.
The SPARTA program begins at the student’s home in the morning, and focuses on assisting them to complete activities of daily living (ADL) skills, such as personal hygiene routines, independently dressing, and making a simple breakfast, utilizing a digital motivational system and photographic/written activity schedule. After the morning routine is completed, the student will travel to the SPARTA Center with their therapist and complete multiple activity schedules for the remainder of the day, while also working on their individualized treatment goals. After returning home, the student will have a break before their after-school ABA program begins. Students then work on completing their afternoon activity schedule and evening/nightly routines such as eating dinner, learning to bathe and get ready for bed.
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Sparta Greece Model

SPARTA uses current technology and evidence-based behavioral intervention practices to support families in Crete, Greece. There are three tiers to SPARTA’s approach:

1) Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) interventions delivered directly to nonverbal children diagnosed with severe ASD by trained therapists, including programs in mand training, discrete trial teaching, incidental teaching, natural environment teaching, and motivational systems ;
2) in-home parent and school teacher training through empirically-supported ABA interventions; and
3) conduct and publish research evaluating the scope and effectiveness of ABA treatments in Crete, Greece.

Training in ABA for Crete Special Education teachers has been designed to enable the teachers to provide parental education programs as well as support to the enrolled students with ASD. Trainings in ABA for parents in their homes are conducted by trained therapists.

Autism Advocacy & Consultations

SPARTA is dedicated to helping children with special needs and their families gain awareness and access to services and treatments that may be available to them. SPARTA provides free consultation and advocacy services, including representation at school-related meetings.