Astoria, NY

This autism center opened up in January 2022 in the heart of Astoria, Queens NYC. It has 5 rooms as well as a cafeteria area where the kids can enjoy their break. There is the main classroom in which we host group activities and classes with our therapist/teachers. Once group classes are over, we split the kids and teachers into other rooms for their private sessions. Each room is equipped with a laptop and other important materials that will help both the child and teacher during their therapy session. Last but not least, we have a sensory/mobility room. Here we work to sharpen their motor skills with many different toys and methods.

The program we implement in the center is quite different than our other locations. We start the day with our students at their homes to get them accustomed to their schedule and morning routine, after the Sparta shuttle transports them to the center and that's where we continue the therapy until the day is over and they are taken home.

We are currently adding new students, and look forward to sharing more progress and updates from this location.